The beginning

This travel thing is going down bloody fine if I do say so. Taken to it straight away and I really can’t see myself having a normal 9-5 working life again. Being a traveller is so free and honestly anything goes. Its the best feeling ever knowing that you don’t HAVE to be anywhere and you owe nothing to no one, except money to drink and eat. I am such a blazè person and I honestly take ‘going with the flow’ to a different level – it can be worrisome for others. Ho Chi Minh has been vibrant and friendly, although we have drunk every night we have been here. Its fine though we have met some awesome people and male travellers seem to always be so hot! Ho Chi Minh is a never ending vortex that is hard to leave. My friend and I got drunk the other night with some guys we had met and they convinced us it was a good idea to buy tickets to go to Bali – so I am currently on a plane to Bali.

Happy living.

Happy travels.



I am SO lucky. I am surrounded by positive, supportive, like-minded individuals. My friends are my family and I struggle to fathom how I got so lucky in the friend department. When we are all together it’s just like an energy that consumes, we are all present and happy. You could not come in to my friend group and feel sad it is not possible. We all feed off of each other and build each other up. The amount of support that is constantly present is bewildering. I am just so happy and so blessed to have all of these beautiful souls in my life. My heart is so warm, and it’s because of my friends. I love you all.

Sleep paralysis

Every night I count the sheep

But still I struggle to catch some sleep

Behind my eyelids I can see dark splotches

There’s something in my room that watches

It’s waiting for me to drift off

I am floating on the cusp

I don’t think it’s bad

I don’t think it’s evil

But it’s something that has a presence

And I am caught up in it’s essence.

The World Under the Stars.

Over the land and under the sea, mother knows all secrets, only she can see.

If we all band together to stop the wars and bad deeds, the earth may prosper and continue to plant seeds.

I’m sick of the strife and mother is too.

We are all one with the land, the ocean, the sky, the trees. Why do we cause damage?

We owe it to her to answer this question of why.

We must try to clean our oceans, rid our earth of evil and believe in the magic of nature.

We can achieve, let’s create some peace.

Our existence will cease if we don’t think of her wellbeing.

For An Old Friend

It flows in to my blood stream.

Much easier than it may seem.

The taste is delicious, but the substance pure poison.

It washes over me so surely.

I can’t control this anymore.

It’s rocking me to my core.

I no longer feel the pain.

The numbness is a relief.

My family no longer believe.

I’m lost in this addiction.

I am my own affliction.

There is no one to pull me out.

Sometimes I think I deserve to sink.

I’m already on the brink.

Give me the final push and I will be no longer.

The Life of a Cat

The sun pours through the window.

I laze on the sill and soak up the rays.


I like to watch the birds fly from tree to tree.

I’ll catch them one day, I’ve just got to believe.


I would crouch as still as a statue, and wait…

Then POUNCE!!!

I wouldn’t eat the bird.

I just want to bring my mum a gift.


I can hear my food coming, it smells so good.

After dinner I think I’ll have a nap.